Honeymoons are what you make them. While your nights are filled with intimate experiences, your days can be anything and everything else. You can indulge in adventure sports, explore wildlife, go sightseeing, taste local delicacies, and much more! It entirely depends on your choice of destination.

If you plan on visiting Christchurch for your honeymoon, you are in for multiple adventures. Christchurch can be very romantic, but it can be thrilling too. So, don’t miss out on its thrills because you don’t get them everywhere.

Christchurch Adventurous Honeymoon – Top 7 Attractions

We have a great collection of adventurous activities in Christchurch to indulge in on your honeymoon vacation to New Zealand. These activities help you overcome your fears or get the adrenalin rush as you start a new life together. No matter what your motivation is, these are unmissable Christchurch activities. So, reserve your itinerary spots and have a thrilling honeymoon.

#1:- Lion Encounter at Orana Park

Honeymoon is definitely an intimate vacation to get close to each other; however, ever thought of getting up and close with the king of the jungle?

Why visit Orana on your honeymoon?

If you are planning your honeymoon in Christchurch and are interested in something adventurous, you must visit Orana Park for a lion encounter. It is a really unique and beautiful experience that you shouldn’t miss out on.

It’s a fabulous honeymoon daytime activity – an exciting experience to remember for a lifetime.

lion encounter orana park
Lion encounter at Orana Park Christchurch

What Orana has in store for you?

Although Orana houses close to 1000 animals, the lion is the top highlight of the park. You should reserve the whole afternoon for the park. Each animal has a feed schedule when you can witness it in its most natural habitat.

Some top highlights of Orana apart from the lion encounter:

  • Orana is the only place in the entire New Zealand where you can find Gorillas. There are only two of them in NZ! That’s something you mustn’t miss out.
  • Hand-feeding giraffes is another really soul-touching activity here. These tall loveable creatures will steal your heart away. You will be given leaves for giraffes at feeding time. Make sure you are in the feeding spot at the right time to hand-feed giraffes.

giraffe orana park

  • Experience the national bird Kiwi foraging in its nocturnal habitat or witness it with other birds in the aviary show.
  • Walking through the park is really romantic. You could see beautiful flowers in the garden, fishes, and ducks in small ponds, different species of birds, and so on.

The king of the beasts adventure:

After catching some of the other animals, head to the lion encounter. Hop on the designated vehicles and accompany the keepers as they feed these beautiful animals. You can feed them too but be very careful.

The lions can jump on the vehicle itself, but there is nothing to worry about. You are totally protected by the two-layer iron grills of the vehicle. And at the end of it, you will befriend these creatures like your own. It is really nice to hear the commentary by the keepers explaining various parts of the lions and details about their habitat.

It is an unforgettable experience.

How to explore Orana?

  • The best way to explore the park is through the guided shuttle safari tour
  • The park also offers a guided walking tour if you want to really get close to the animals
  • Book your tickets in advance for the lion encounter, as there are only 20 available per day.

If you are on a self-drive honeymoon trip, you can reach Orana Park by 20 minutes drive. If you are on a guided package tour, please ask the tour operator to add this activity to your itinerary.

#2:- Kaikoura Whale Watch in Helicopter

From the king of the jungle to the largest mammal on the planet, Christchurch does specialize in wildlife. So, head to Kaikoura, just a two-hour drive from Christchurch.

Why go whale-watching on your honeymoon?

The top reason for whale-watching is that it is a very unique activity Christchurch offers. You don’t find a whale-watching ecosystem in your backyard every day. So, make the most out of this opportunity.

Also, Kaikoura has some exceptional honeymoon activities too.

Kaikoura whale-watching helicopter tour

As Kaikoura offers breathtaking scenery, a Kaikoura whale watching helicopter tour is a fantastic way to grasp it all at once. These 30-minute tours are exciting capsules of the wonderful scenic beauty and the giant Sperm Whale frolicking amidst it in the waters below.

kaikoura whale watch helicopter

As you soar above Kaikoura, you can marvel at the marine wonders in this stunningly beautiful coastal and alpine amalgamation. Sperm whales are found all year round, while other beautiful creatures surface only seasonally. The marine life here includes blue whales, dolphins, and fur seals.

The biggest highlight of the helicopter tour is when it takes you to the very center of the whale-finding region. You get to see the entire whale – from tip to tail, in a single view. This is an incredible photo opportunity, something very rare to remember your honeymoon by.

The tour includes a headset with the pilot’s expert commentary making the whole experience all the more enjoyable.

Other special honeymoon activities in Kaikoura:

At the outset, you can have a look at the giant Sperm Whales, but Kaikoura has so much more in store for you, which will make your honeymoon very special.

  • The drive from Christchurch to Kaikoura is the latest jaw-dropping scenic route in New Zealand
  • Kaikoura itself offers spectacular scenery with mountains, seas, snow, greenery, fresh air, and much more.
  • You can go for wine-tasting at the wineries, enjoy intimate moments at thermal pools with alpine views, get the thrill of wild surfing.
  • Try having your favorite seafood from Coopers Catch Kaikoura. We had some fish and chips with coleslaw and it was really delicious.

coopers catch kaikours fish and chips
Coopers Catch Kaikoura – Fish and Chips

Overall, Kaikoura is a perfect Honeymoon paradise near Christchurch. You can stay here overnight and create precious memories.

#3:- Waimakariri River Jet Boating

Though exploring wildlife can be an adventure, Christchurch is an Adventure sports wonderland. The rugged geology can be fascinating. So, take a 20-minute drive to Waimakriri to experience its thrill.

Why go jet boating on your honeymoon?

Boating in the epic alpine scenery is a top romantic endeavor. Jet boating is an enjoyable way to add some thrills to the romantic ride.

Another secret reason making it a honeymoon adventure is the post-ride three-course leisurely lunch at the Melton Estate Winery.

Which jet boating experience to pick?

There are multiple tour options, varying by duration and scenery. It totally depends on how much of an adventure-seeker you are.

  • Braided Shallows Jet Boating: This is the easiest of all—just a 30-minute adventure in the Braided Shallows region of the lower Waimakariri. The waters are shallow but blasted enough. Also, the Hamilton jets spin the boat for an added thrill. It is a fantastic way of enjoying the stunning alpine scenery.
  • Waimakariri Gorge Jet Boating: This experience offers the best 360° Hamilton spin. This 30-minute ride will take you to the upper Waimakariri Gorge. It’s a remote area, otherwise inaccessible, making it a special destination for your special someone. Take a picture of your stunningly beautiful partner in equally stunning surroundings
  • Waimakariri Canyon Safari: Although any time is less in the loving arms of your partner, 30-minutes might seem too less. If that’s the case with you two, go for the one-hour long canyon safari jet boating. Engrossed in the snow-capped mountains, rugged scenery, and cascading waterfall, you won’t even realize when the thrilling one hour gets over.

Jetboat rides are not at all recommended during the winter season as you may feel uncomfortable. We had our jet boat ride at Queenstown in winter without any warm clothes or ear caps and felt cold after 5 minutes of the journey. If you are still interested, please wear warm clothes, gloves, and ear caps to stay warm during the ride.

#4:- Exploring Cave Stream at Castle Hills

Christchurch is the center of several astonishing geological wonders. 594 m long Cave Stream at Castle Hills is one of those. It is the perfect explore for anyone visiting the Canterbury area, just 90 minutes away from Christchurch. Just like jet boating, this is also not a winter activity.

Why go for a cave walk on your honeymoon?

The cave is an excellent simulation of the life ahead. You two have to overcome the darkness together to reach the light at the end of the tunnel.

Apart from the cave walk, there is a lot to explore within the scenic reserve, including limestone landscape, extensively modified vegetation, and wildlife.

Also, if you are a movie buff, the reserve is very close to the shoot location of Narnia; you might even check it out after the cave walk.

The cave stream walk experience

Although at the face of it, it is just a stream flowing through the cave, there is much more to it. Once you enter the cave and take a turn, you will leave daylight behind.

In pitch darkness, with feet soaked in the stream, up to your ankles, you are in for an adventure. Don’t get scared, switch on the flashlight and head ahead till you reach five small waterfalls.

Don’t just admire these waterfalls; clamber them. These form the naturally challenging obstacle course that makes the cave adventurous.

Finally, climb out of the cave through the metal steps and kiss the sunshine again. This fun little adventure will give you some fantastic memories.

A few words of caution

  • Wear warm clothes
  • Carry two flashlights per person
  • Don’t go in if the water level is high or water is murky

We have seen people wearing swimsuits for exploring the cave stream. Make sure that the level of water is good enough for your safety.

#5:- Zipline at Christchurch Adventure Park

From mysteries of nature, move on to some adrenalin rush—experience jaw-dropping views, including the ocean, the Southern Alps, and everything in between.

Why go ziplining on your honeymoon?

Ziplining is one of the most adventurous activities in Christchurch. It is a unique way to soar within the scenic beauty all around.

You don’t experience the beauty better any other way than by flying into Mother Nature’s Lap. It is a liberating and memorable experience cherished for a lifetime.

Unique Christchurch ziplining experience

The most exciting part of ziplining at the Christchurch Adventure Park zipline is that it offers dual lines. Somehow, it is meant for honeymooners. Although, it is more competitive than a team effort. You race against each other, but that’s where all the fun is.

The entire zipline course is divided into four stages so that you can admire nature in all its glory from all possible angles.

You can choose the length from 400 to 1100 m and go as high as 150 m. The higher you go, the more thrilling it gets.

The entire tour can take 2.5 hours as you capture the geographical and historical sites amidst panoramic views.

#6:- Quad Bike Tour / Off-Road Buggy Tour at Hanmer Springs

You must’ve heard of Hanmer Springs as a relaxing hot pool and day spa experience. However, the gorgeous natural surroundings offer no less an adventure.

Why take a quad bike or road buggy tour on your honeymoon?

Quad-biking is an exciting way of exploring stellar surroundings. However, Road buggy is more honeymoon style as it’s a two-seater vehicle.

It is a neat way of adding some adventure to your lives together.

The quad bike or road buggy tour experience

It’s a 2-hour fully-guided trek that takes you quad-biking through dirt, mud, and creeks. Although full of adventure, it is not at all risky and appropriate even for children.

The quad bike is a four-wheeled bike with exciting maneuvering and strong tires suitable for the terrain. The buggy is a covered self-drive vehicle for driving through the forested terrain.

You explore the farmland, creeks, and the soul-touching scenery around the Waiau River Gorge. So, gear up for a memorable action-packed adventure.

#7:- Bungy Jumping at Hanmer Springs

You have already taken the biggest plunge in life; how about another similar thrilling adventure? Hanmer Springs is a terrific bungy spot that will make the world around you go vertical.

Why go bungy-jumping on your honeymoon?

Life is all about overcoming your fears, and if you can hold the hand of your soul-mate, there is nothing like it. Bungy is an experience to enhance the loving bond between the couple. It signifies that you wouldn’t leave each other’s side even in the most challenging times.

The bungy-jumping experience

Hanmer Springs bungy jumping is unique. You just don’t jump off a cliff; you jump off a 135-year-old Ferry Bridge. It’s an enthralling experience, and the bridge has huge historical significance.

Bungy jumping in Hanmer Springs is super exciting because you fall from a height of 35 meters down to the brink of the river below. The altitude adds undeniable thrill to the entire experience.

Finally, after you complete the jump, you get a souvenir t-shirt to etch the thrill in your memory forever.

Concluding an Adventurous Honeymoon in Christchurch!

Christchurch is full of adventure, just like your life ahead. The most exciting part of a honeymoon here is that these destinations blend all kinds of experiences very well. Each adventure-filled destination offers many intimate and hidden experiences too. These don’t let just the adventure essence overpower the special honeymoon flavor. So, you get thrilling days blended with warm nights.