If you are planning a budget or cheap vacation in New Zealand, you must consider the cheapest option to travel across cities and towns. If you are after private tours, hiring a car or taxi services, mark my words, it will cost beyond your expectation. So what is the cheapest way to travel? Like all other countries, the public transport system is far cheaper than any other private service in NZ. Here in New Zealand, we call the service an Intercity service and it is the only company running a national bus service in NZ.

InterCity services are New Zealand’s largest transport network, which has the most modern fleets in the country and connects more than 600 towns and cities on both the North and South Islands. If you were in New Zealand before 2018, you might have heard about the company called Nakedbus but they stopped service in 2018 and now Intercity buses are the only New Zealand-owned long-distance bus service.