Auckland Honeymoon Packages & Activities

Are you a newlywed couple or couples looking for an adventurous experience outside the norm? Look no further than here in Auckland. Let’s tell you a bit about Auckland and why it is the most preferred destination for many honeymooners and couples alike.

Auckland, one of the largest cities in New Zealand holds about a third of the country’s population. The city’s waterfront and streets are well-aligned with beautiful and scintillating contemporary towers. These make the most scenic sceneries whenever you are walking or driving around this area.

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More About Auckland


Overlooking the city is a gang of died out volcanoes, most of which speak more of the Maori culture and identity. The green spaces and parks in Auckland are welcoming to visitors and locals. Farther away from the city sit islands with pristine bushes and filled with Northland’s half-tropical beaches.

Shiny skyscrapers are mainly found in the central business center alongside a few 1900s administrative structures. The tall spindly Sky Tower within which there is a gyrating restaurant overlooks the city. As you go farther away from the city, you are met with remodeled grasslands and the stylish Parnell and Ponsonby – suburbs with rich greens, galleries, villas, alfresco cafes, and boutiques.

Given all the scenic views that Auckland presents, it is the perfect destination for couples looking to make memories that last a lifetime. Read on to find out some of the activities offered in Auckland. A day will not be enough to exhaust all of them.