Christchurch, in fact, all of New Zealand, offers such beautiful natural surroundings that you can’t help exclaiming. While all of nature is soak-worthy, waterfalls have their unparalleled charm. The trails up to the falls take you through lush forests that add adventure and mystery to the entire expedition. So, if you want to explore some romantic falls around the city, pick any from the below five – you will have a cherished honeymoon.

Best 5 Waterfalls near Christchurch to visit on your Honeymoon Trip

#1:- Devils Punchbowl Waterfall

A honeymoon in Christchurch is the perfect way of exploring New Zealand’s natural beauty. With ample time on hand, you can take a 2-hour drive to experience this stunning waterfall.

 devils punchbowl waterfall
How to experience the falls?

You can experience Devils Punchbowl Waterfall in two ways – from the lookout near its base or Scott’s Track. Out of the two, Scott’s Track is lesser-known but more photogenic, while the lookout is more popular.

Stunning features of the falls

The fall is 131m tall and is the crown jewel of exploring the Arthur’s Pass National Park apart from the Avalanche Peak hike.

Best time to visit the falls

The Southern Alps are known for their perineal rainy nature. Therefore, you will find reliable flow all year round. However, late Spring or early Summer is the best of all seasons to visit the falls.

The overall experience

If you choose the lookout base route, you will have a serene experience. You can see the uppermost sections of the falls even from the bridge across the gushing Bealey River.

After crossing two footbridges and 240 zigzagging steps amidst the mountain beech forest, you’ll reach this glorious waterfall amidst its breathtaking mountainous surroundings.

You will be greeted by the friendly Keas – the native mountain parrots, who’ll fill the entire experience with their infectious energy.

#2:- Glentui Waterfalls

Located in the Mount Thomas conservation Area, Glentui Waterfalls unexploited and alluring natural beauty. Glentui Falls being just an hour away from Christchurch, also feature in the top 9 most romantic nearby self-drive destinations.

Captivating features of the falls

Glentui Falls are massive 17 meters high. However, apart from their towering height, the most significant contributor to their picturesque beauty is their horsetail flow pattern.

Best time to visit the falls

December is the perfect month to visit Glentui falls when the weather is sunny. Also, the precipitation is close to 35mm, rendering a nice flow to the falls.

The overall experience

Probably one of the most famous waterfalls near Christchurch, Glentui is an unmissable attraction. Unlike most falls, Glentui falls are situated downhill the track from the picnic area. The trail takes you through a lush forest filled with honeydew trees.

As you walk along, you will come across a small wooden bridge on the Glentui River. Follow the little path from here to the fall base for a relaxing or adventurous experience.

You can watch the waterfall from the lookout or you can walk down to the top of the waterfall.

#3:- Washpen Falls

While honeymooning in Christchurch, take an hour’s drive on the beautiful inland scenic route to reach Washpen Falls. These falls are en route to Mt Hutt, Rakaia Gorge & Terrace Downs Resort.

washpen falls
Captivating features of the falls

Washpen Falls is a hidden gem offering one of Canterbury’s best waterfall walks. A fascinating story surrounds the Washpen Falls’ name. European traders built sheep washing pens in the creek so that the washed wool shorn sold better.

Situated in a unique volcanic canyon, the falls are surrounded by native vegetation and exotic forests. The track to the falls is known for its beautiful birdlife and extensive views of the Canterbury Plains.

Best time to visit the falls

Washpen Falls have an evergreen water flow, so you can visit throughout the year; however, if you love an intimate dip in the fall pool, visit during summer when it turns into a rejuvenating swimming hole.

The overall experience

The falls are accessible by a well-maintained and well-marked loop walk. Grab a map from the information kiosk with markings of all exciting spots along the track. If you love a little mystery, explore the small cavern along the track.

NB:- This waterfall is situated on a private farm and so you are advised to pay $15 per adult at the information kiosk just before the track begins.

After a short uphill walk among tall cliffs and rock formations, reach the Bluff Lookout offering fantastic valley views. From there, descend to the fall-base. As you move closer, the fall views become larger. Capture the best view from the wooden bridge across the small stream flowing close to the track’s end.

The track ends at Stone Lake. Enjoy a lake-side picnic at the long wooden tables or go boating with your partner. There is an open bar also to grab a few drinks. The average walking time for a round trip is close to 1.5 hours.

#4:- Ryde Falls

Ryde Falls are just a 90-minute drive from Christchurch. The trail is fantastic for several outdoor recreational activities, such as hiking, camping, and bird watching.

Stunning features of the falls

The topmost attractive feature of the Ryde falls is its 5-tiered structure. Although you can witness only three tiers from the track on most occasions, if you are lucky, you might witness all five. This fabulous structure presents a fantastic photo opportunity.

Best time to visit the falls

The multi-tiered falls freeze in winters, so you can go behind the fall curtain and capture the rare backside view. But if you love a flowing waterfall, like most others, summer is always the best time.

The overall experience

There are several tracks to the falls, including the Wharfedale Track, Coopers Creek Track, and Korimako Track. However, the most well-maintained is the Wharfedale Track. It presents impressive hiking and mountain-biking options.

The track offers diverse experiences, including lush countryside views, heavily forested sections, and even some muddy patches. These make the track even more exciting.

The track is relatively flat until Oxford Forest but connects into a much narrower and steeper linking track. As you proceed, you will come across gently-flowing streams, and a few fire rings at the campsites before ultimately reaching the fall base.

Pack a picnic or your camping gear because you might get tempted to spend more time in these beautiful natural surroundings once you actually experience them.

#5:- Gully Falls

Located in Orton Bradley Park, a private farm, the Gully falls or the Great Gully Falls is just a 30-minute drive away from Christchurch.

gully falls
Stunning features of the falls

The most surprising aspect of these falls is that there are two falls here instead of one. These waterfalls achieve a towering height of 20 meters, adding grandeur to the entire surroundings.

Best time to visit the falls

As these falls are naturally fed, the best time to visit them is just after the rainy season, when the flow is maximum.

The overall experience

The track leading up to falls follows along the valley, offering charming valley views as you walk along. Walk through native vegetation till you reach the main valley region. The track gets broader and broader from here, and you can witness enchanting harbor views from here.

Several picnic tables are laid down for enjoying a tranquil meal with your partner. After which, you can head back to the track, which steepens slightly from here on. As you walk by, enjoy the sweet sound of the stream till you finally end up at the falls.

Out of the two falls, the second fall is more open; however, the first one is still stunning to look at. The second fall offers a small recreational area for a relaxing break, enjoying a drink and intently admiring the waterfall.

NB: Track to gully falls will be closed during sheep breeding season. So make sure you are there on the right season.

Concluding the most romantic waterfalls near Christchurch

Now that you know how alluring these falls can be, pack your picnic basket, grab the sleeping bags, drag your partner and hear to any one of these falls this instant! The tracks, the hikes, the wilderness, relaxing fall pool, and your partner’s company – could there be anything more wonderful?