A honeymoon vacation is a special trip for couples that will happen only once in their lives. You want to make the most of it, and if you have chosen Queenstown as your destination, you have won half the battle. The place offers plenty when it comes to honeymoon attractions. From hot pools to hot air balloons, from wine tours to fresh farm gourmet lunches. The place is full of adventure, scenic beauty, and a lot of intimate attractions.

Queenstown is always the dream location for people who are traveling to New Zealand. No matter what sort of vacation they are on, self-drive tour, guided tour, solo trip, honeymoon vacation, Queenstown is a must-visit location on the South Island. If you are on a trip after your marriage, here we have the romantic things you can do while at Queenstown. Have a look at your favorite activities and have a wonderful time with your partner.

Top 10 honeymoon things to do in Queenstown

#1:- Have An Intimate Day Spa Experience At Onsen Hot Pools

Onsen Hot Pools

Want an intimate and relaxing hot pool experience? Queenstown has the just-right boutique retreat you are looking for. Onsen Hot Pools is a complete day-spa experience you can indulge in with your partner to kickstart your honeymoon in style.

The most attractive aspect of this experience is the wide range of idyllic cedar-lined pools. The natural surroundings overlooking the Shotover River are a convenient and tranquil escape from the world and people. This shared rejuvenating experience prepares you and your partner for the rest of your lives together.

Along with the beautiful glimpses of the stunning Queenstown mountains, you experience pure and natural water. You can enjoy the breathtaking views of the alpine scenery or the Shotover Jet boats as you soak yourself in.

Be it any season, the pools are a terrific destination because the temperature is regulated accordingly. This is a simply magical evening of your dreams.

They even take care of refreshments and provide you a complimentary drink and snack as you plunge into the ultimate relaxation. If you are a shy couple, they have a retractable roof converting the outdoor pool into an indoor one.

There is no more intimate experience than this one, not just in Queenstown but in the world! So, reserve an itinerary spot for it because it is simply unmissable.

#2:- Catch The World’s Best Scenic Flight To Milford Sound

milford scenic flight from queenstown

Want to take your newlywed to paradise? Milford Sounds scenic flight is one of the best ways to do that.

Enjoy the best scenic flight in the entire world. This is an unforgettable, unspoiled, naturally dramatic scenery. The remarkable views, cascading waterfalls, and untouched peaks and valleys are never-to-miss top Queenstown honeymoon attractions.

On your way from Queenstown to Milford Sound, you will come across Fiordland National Park. This is a perfect place to trek or ski among the glaciers. Several combo flights include flying and heli-hiking. So, you get an incredible amalgamation of every kind of exploration.

With hidden waterfalls and towering peaks, you get several fantastic photo opportunities. The icy blue channel flowing into the Tasman Sea offers some jaw-dropping backdrop, for memory’s sake.

You come across varied topography around Queenstown, including beech forests and the Southern Alps. The flight ends near the beautiful Lake Wakatipu, another terrific honeymoon spot!

#3:- Take A Romantic Cruise Or A Jet Boat ride

What could be more romantic than a sunset cruise amidst lush greenery surrounded by tall peaks? Queenstown offers two very intimate boating experiences that you must try on your honeymoon:

  • Lake Wakatipu Cruise: As Milford Sounds scenic flight ends near Lake Wakatipu, you must try the cruise here, right after the flight. In fact, there are combo packages that offer the flight and the cruise together.

The cruise takes you through the tranquil surroundings, soaking mountains, secluded bays, and many such naturally beautiful attractions. It is one of the best ways of sightseeing and spending and intimate time with your loved one.

With the relaxed pace, the wine & cheese, the panoramic views on every turn, you are in for a delightful experience. You even get the captain’s commentary giving a historical account of all the attractions you come across.

  • TSS Earnslaw Steamship Ride: While the Lake Wakatipu cruise is a wonderful experience, you should also try the coal-powered steamship ride here. TSS Earnslaw is an iconic part of touring New Zealand, and being part of that history will make your honeymoon even more special.

earnslaw queenstown

You will witness the towering Cecil Peak as you cruise around. At the end of the cruise, you can visit the Walter Peak Farm for a tour and a gourmet lunch made from fresh farm produce. Horseback riding is another exciting way to reach the farm.

A historic ride, fascinating scenery, delicious lunch, and the company of your better half – there isn’t much more you can ask for.

#4:- Picnic With Your Special Someone – Lakeside or on a Mountain Peak

When you are newly married, you wouldn’t want to waste even a second of being alone with your partner. So another fantastic activity to keep you two entertained is a picnic. However, when you are in Queenstown, you don’t just have a picnic; you have a stylish one.

If you are up for a short road trip, Wilson Bay is the best place for a lakeside picnic, just 10 km away from Queenstown. The lake is lined with beautiful pine trees and a bike path. You can take a couple’s bike tour along or just relax at the shore. Pack a nice picnic and soak in the jaw-dropping scenery.

Wilson Bay Queenstown

These small moments make a honeymoon memorable because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to know each other. You can relax, share your feelings, have some delicious food with generous Nature around.

With tall mountain peaks all around, you can combine a picnic with a scenic helicopter ride. Generally, most tours offer a champagne picnic and a private helicopter ride to the peaks of the Southern Alps.

You are taken to a peak with panoramic views & Lake Wakatipu’s cobalt waters and are served gourmet food. The tranquil and stunning surroundings are inexplicably awe-inspiring. The view and the company are mesmerizing; you wouldn’t want to return to civilization after it.

#5:- Fine Dine & Wine: An Exquisite Experience

If your partner is a wine-lover, take her to one of the most authentic and romantic experiences in Queenstown – a wine tour. Combine the wine tour with a fine dining experience at Gibbston Valley™ Winery & Restaurant.

This fully immersive wine tour is a dream come true for wine lovers. As their motto says, you get to find out about ‘All things wine.’ You get to visit the wine caves, the cellars, the oldest vineyard in the region, and much more. See how the most renowned wine geniuses in the area craft these delicate drinks.

Gibbston Valley

While you are looking at the wine being made, don’t forget to taste some too! The wine tasting tours are a treasured experience. You get to swirl, sniff, and taste the distinct regional flavor. Pair it with the meat and cheese platters, and you have created a complete experience for your partner.

What makes this experience memorable is the lengths to which the winery goes to create an exquisite experience. They have their own cheesery that offers the best-blending cheeses with their wines.

Finally, pick from three excellent restaurants here for a special dinner for just the two of you. The Lodge Restaurant offers a five-star dining experience; the Winery Restaurant offers local flavors blending with wine; and the Woodfired Kitchen offers traditional pizzas and grilled burgers with an authentic and earthy taste.

A visit to this place is guaranteed to be a night to be remembered.

#6:- Rise Up For A Hot Air Balloon Ride At Sunrise

Choppers are no match for the slow-moving Hot Air Balloon. Doesn’t food taste better when you slowly savor it to the last morsel instead of gobbling it down in a hurry? The same is the case with a hot air balloon ride. Don’t rush through the beautiful Queenstown; Soak in the bounty at nature’s own pace.

Express your love at 6000 ft. in the air! Experience the slow drift and the cool breeze as you witness the best views of Queenstown. If your partner is a LOTR fan, there is an added hidden excitement as the ride takes you through “The Hobbit” filming locations.

You wouldn’t have experienced a more remarkable sight anywhere in the world as you will witness through this ride. Encourage the photographer in your partner and help her capture some wonderful landscapes.

The launch site is just a 15-minute drive from downtown, so enjoy a short drive as you get ready for the ride of your lifetime.

#7:- Go Stargazing Across Queenstown

From sunrise to midnight, Queenstown takes good care that you have the best honeymoon ever. If hot air balloons are for sunrise, stargazing is for midnights.

A captivating experience for astronomy buffs and shooting star seekers alike, Queenstown stargazing is an enchanting attraction. Queenstown makes every effort to make your stargazing experience adventurous, intimate, and memorable. You can choose from a wide array of stargazing experiences.

If you are an adventurous couple, go skiing on a floodlit trail under the beautiful Milky Way with millions of dazzling lights in the sky.

If you want to spend some intimate time as you gaze at the brilliantly lit sky or have a glimpse of Aurora Australis, book a hot pool experience at a luxury resort.

Or finally, take a starry night photography tour to bring out the astrophotographer in your partner near the Wakatipu basin.

These wonderful experiences will not only catch your gaze, but they will also make you gape at the beautiful expanse of infinite stars.

#8:- Plunge Into A Honeymoon Adventure: Skydiving & Bungee Jumping!

How can a visit to one of the world’s best peaks be complete without some adventure? Queenstown is heaven for adventure lovers. You have a wide selection of thrilling activities to choose from. Skydiving and Bungee jumping are the most adventurous honeymoon activities in Queenstown.

  • Bungee Jumping At Kawarau Bridge: Was your heart pounding the last time you took the plunge? It sure did! How about another heart-pounding experience on your honeymoon?

Don’t get us wrong, we want you to have a life-long marriage, but how about literally jumping off a bridge with the one you love?

That’s the exact experience you will have if you go for a Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge Bungee Jumping adventure.

Life is a leap of faith adventure, and experience it literally through this fantastic Queenstown activity.

  • Skydiving & Tandem Canyon Swing

You have overcome your fear of commitment; how about your fear of heights? Well, Queenstown will help you overcome it by pushing you from an altitude of 15,000 feet! You will freefall for one whole minute till the parachute opens.

It is an exhilarating experience, just as your life ahead will be with your new partner in crime. Another reason why you should never miss an opportunity to skydive if you are in Queenstown is, it is where tandem skydiving originated in New Zealand.

queenstown skydiving

Along with the thrill, you get to experience spectacular views of the Wakatipu Basin. However, did you know, the weather can’t play the spoilsport for your skydiving plans here because you even have the Indoor Skydiving iFLY option.

#9:- Experience The Skyline Gondola & Luge Rides

You are bound to be on the seventh heaven when you are in Queenstown, no matter which aerial form you choose. Skyline Gondolas are one terrific way to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Wakatipu Basin and surrounding mountain peaks.

Skyline Gondola is an iconic Queenstown activity to capture the stunning views as you ride in the cable car. Your gondola takes you 480 meters above Lake Wakatipu at Bob’s Peak summit. The journey can’t be any more scenic with 220-degree panoramic views. You witness Coronet Peak, Cecil Peak and, Queenstown from above.

However, that’s not it! You have a score of activities at the summit awaiting you! You can ride the Luge carts or have a cart race with your partner and believe it or not, one ride won’t be enough! The twisting, turning track with tunnels and dippers gets more exciting every time you ride!

Other experiences here include downhill mountain biking, mesmerizing stargazing, hikes and walks, and a delicious meal at any of the two restaurants – Stratosphere and Market Kitchen Café. There is occasional live entertainment, so it’s not just a Gondola ride, but the whole package.

#10:- Explore Queenstown Garden & Beach At Bob Cove

If you are an outdoors lover, you have ample snowy opportunities in Queenstown. However, summers are not dull at all. You have so much summer fun waiting for you that you can’t imagine how exciting Queenstown can be around this time of the year.

As you stroll through the pristine lawns, hand in hand, you will find mind-boggling exotic plants everywhere around the Queenstown Gardens. The rose garden is the most romantic of all, and obviously so! Spend the whole day in Nature’s lap, relax by the pond, or enjoy a game of tennis, lawn bowls, or disc golf. You can even go skateboarding, biking, or skating. The gardens are a lot more fun than just natural beauty. You can have a fun summer day here.

If you love a short hike, then Lake Wakatipu offers a gorgeous one. The Bob Cove Track is a short and easy hike, just 2 km but the most beautiful way to explore the Wakatipu Basin. It connects with the Twelve Mile Delta Track but is not at all challenging.

You will find some very authentic structures here, like a limestone kiln, and as you walk through the shady trees, you get a beautiful peek of Lake Wakatipu. Your hike will take you to the sunny beach with turquoise water and a jetty that attracts much more attention than the beach itself.

Grab your partner, go for a warm swim, and the hike will feel completely worth it! You can bask at the beach the whole day, carry a picnic and have a fun sunny day!

Concluding your perfect honeymoon with lifetime memories

Although Queenstown promises that you wouldn’t want your honeymoon to end, these top honeymoon attractions make sure you have the best time of your life.

If you have to sum up a Queenstown honeymoon, it’s a beautiful, natural, intimate & relaxing experience. You get to indulge in an amalgamation of activities that you find nowhere else in the world. That’s how special your honeymoon can be if you spend it in Queenstown.