Have you married recently? and are planning for your honeymoon vacation? One excellent tourism place that will definitely come to your mind is New Zealand. New Zealand is a small yet beautiful place that is full of attractive places and things for you to explore. The Catlins region in the south island is surely one of the best places in the country where you can plan on spending your honeymoon vacation with your life partner. The region comprises an area in the southeastern corner of the South Island of New Zealand. This vast area has so many things for you to explore. Being a perfect tourism place, The Catlins is all set to make your honeymoon vacation more special. 

But what’s so special in the Catlins? Well, there is a lot you can do in the Catlins. But our major attention in the article will be towards the 4 romantic waterfalls in the Catlins you must visit on your honeymoon vacation. There are 4 amazing, rare, and historical waterfalls in the Catlins. Even a quick glance of these waterfalls is enough to make your honeymoon vacation a special one. Each of the waterfalls has its own beauty, history, and scenery. 

Must-Visit Waterfalls in The Catlins region on South Island on your Honeymoon Trip

#1:- Purakaunui Water Falls  

The very first waterfall that you must visit in the Catlins is none other than the well-famous Purakaunui waterfalls. Technically, it is the best-photographed waterfall not only in the Catlins region but in the whole south island too. As compared to other falls, the Purakaunui waterfall has the easiest way to come into. Talking of the environment and the visuals, it is a three-tiered cascading waterfall surrounded by the amazing lush greens of the Catlins rainforest. Right at the beginning of your track, you will find a large parking lot and a few toilets for the visitors that add to your convenience as well.  

Purakaunui Fall


The Purakaunui falls are located in the southern south island of the Catlins in New Zealand. It is a 20-meter high waterfall that lies in the south island region of the Catlins. Away from the alpine region, these waterfalls have been a center for tourism.  

Why Purakaunui waterfalls for your honeymoon vacation? 

The best thing about this 20 meters high waterfall is the soothing atmosphere around it. If you are out for your honeymoon vacation so that you both can strengthen the relationship of your life, there is nothing better than nature to support you. The sound of water plunging to the dense rocks and nestled clearings from a height of 20 meters in that large dense rain forest gives you the most pleasant vibes of all.  

The walking track  

The Purakaunui waterfall track is a short 20-min return walk that follows the Purakaunui River in the middle. On your way, you will find a short bridge to cross a few steps down that will take you to an extreme viewing point. From that point, you can have the complete front-on view of the waterfall where it really looks complete in all ways. You also can have a close look at the river with the help of the small spots that are available at different points on your way. There will be no distractions and noise when you will be having the walk of your life with your favorite person along the track of the Purakaunui waterfalls.  

#2:- Mclean waterfalls  

Another great place where you can spend some quality time with your loved one in the Catlins is the Mclean waterfalls. This delightful waterfall lies on the Tautuku River in the Forest Park of the Catlins. The glorious scenery of the waterfall will be enough to make a romantic aura where you both can convey your inner feelings to each other.  

The waterfall descends several steep drop-offs and terraces. (Similar to Ryde falls near Christchurch) And with the very top of the waterfall, these steep offs and terraces meet its first water pool that is 22-meters long. From there, the terraces descend for many more meters in a series.  

When it comes to choosing a romantic place to spend some quality time with your loved one, the Mclean Waterfalls just can’t be ignored. As said, it is the most beautiful waterfall in the region, along with its sister waterfall, the Purakanui which is the most visited one.  

mclean waterall

A close look at the Mclean Waterfalls  

Having a walk to the Mclean waterfalls with your loved one seems to be more romantic even than a candlelight dinner. The entrance to the Mclean Waterfalls Riverwalk measures 3 Km from the Southern Scenic route on Rewcastle Road. On your way to the walk, you will come around a variety of native forest and shrubs types. The soothing scenery there raises positive and romantic vibes all around.  

Then, you cross on a footbridge to the subsidiary named Duckayday Creek. Following an easy grade along the Tautuku River and the bushes, the walk goes on.  

#3:- Matai Falls 

This beautiful waterfall has almost everything to make the moment romantic and positive. Well-famous for its pleasant scenery and eye-catching visuals, the Matai Falls welcome you heartily to enjoy some of the best moments of your life.  

matai falls


The Matai falls wherein the Matai Waterfall comes are on the south island of New Zealand. Precisely speaking, the waterfalls are located in the path of the Matai stream in the area of the famous village Caberfeidh. The village falls on the southeastern edge of the Catlins in the Otago region.  

Why should you visit Matai Waterfalls?  

People from every corner of the world come to visit the Matai Waterfalls in large numbers. The 10 high waterfall holds a different kind of aura that just spreads positive and romantic vibes everywhere.  

Let me be clear, these are not the most beautiful falls in New Zealand when it comes to the water flow. However, the significance of the waterfalls increases because the path of the walk is shared by two waterfalls. It looks so soothing and aesthetic to watch continuous water flowing from 10 meters high into the small clearing nestled in the evergreen rain forest of the Catlins.  

A closer look at the Matai Falls  

Starting from the track, it is a 15-minute return walk that puts some of the best visuals of nature before your eyes. Most of the time, the track starts from downhill so you have to travel inclined while returning back. That too has some positive things. On this quick walk track, you can see two waterfalls, i.e. the Matai Waterfalls and the Horseshoe Falls, which is just a bonus.  

When you are having the best walk of your life with the most loved person of your life, there will nothing be better than getting the romantic vibes from these two aesthetic waterfalls.  

#4:- Waipohatu Water Falls  

At last, we are putting the well-famous waterfalls of Waipohatu on the list of the 4 romantic waterfalls in the Catlins you must go on your honeymoon vacation. Having one of the longest walk-tracks in the Catlins, the Waipohatu falls provide you the positivity of two amazing waterfall visuals at once. It is not the best place to visit if you are just looking for amazing visuals and so but as soon as it comes to enjoying some good time with your loved ones, you will not find anything better than the long walk along the Waipohatu waterfalls. 

Waipohatu Water Falls 


The two amazing waterfalls of the Waipohatu waterfalls lie near Tokanui, Southland, New Zealand. It is the southern part of the Catlins and has a fair amount of tourist attention.

Why should you consider visiting the Waipohatu waterfalls on your honeymoon vacation? 

The most valid reason will be the long walk track that allows you to explore two amazing waterfalls with your partner. On your honeymoon, you will need some personal space to strengthen your bonding and share some of the best parts of your life with each other. Keeping all this in mind, everything in your walk is crafted properly. Apart from the soothing scenery and calming sound of the two large waterfalls that fill the environment with positive and romantic vibes, there is a clean river that keeps you smiling all the way.  

The walking track  

On your walk to the Waipohatu waterfalls; you will be going through a 6.5 km long walk-track that opens up two amazing waterfall sceneries for you. It takes around 3 hours to complete your walk on the waterfalls and this time is enough to make your life partner feel special and valuable with you. The two waterfalls that come in your walk include the upper Waipohatu falls, also known as the Pouriwai falls, and the lower Waipohatu falls which are also known as the Punehu falls. Going through small yet beautifully constructed bridges, you can explore the positive aura of the small bushes that are growing along with the long trees in the diverse rainforest of the Catlins.  


So, these were the top 4 romantic waterfalls you must visit once whenever you visit the Catlins on your honeymoon vacation. The four amazing waterfalls include the soothing Mclean Waterfalls, the combination of two waterfalls i.e. the Matai Falls, the best photographic waterfall; the Purakaunui Falls, and the longest walk-track waterfall which is the Waipohatu waterfalls.  

New Zealand has so much more for you to explore, all you need to do is just to open your eyes with the feeling of acceptance.